Does the child need speech therapy?

This is not always obvious, especially when dealing with children who are learning two languages. However, there are many indications that warrant an evaluation by a licensed speech therapist, and when applicable, a therapist who specializes in bilingual children.  Concerns may arise from the parent, pediatrician, social worker, teacher, friend, relative or other adults who spend time with the child. 

If a child needs therapy, it is best to begin as early in life as possible. With age, a child's condition may worsen and become more difficult to correct because they have been practicing incorrect patterns or inefficient communication strategies for longer. If the child does not need or qualify for therapy, the therapist will assure the parent that the child is developing well and provide information on how they can continue to support the child's development. If the evaluation suggests a need for therapy, treatment will begin within a few weeks of the evaluation.

We primarily receive referrals from parents, physicians, and other therapists. Once we receive a referral form, either over the phone, email or fax, we do a speech/language evaluation on the child in their home or at their child care location. If the child needs therapy, we arrange the therapy sessions with approval from the child’s physician.

Speech therapy sessions take place in the home or daycare and are conducted in the primary language of each child. By working with each child in their primary language and in an inclusion setting, the child can quickly learn and utilize new speech and language skills.

Please contact us if you would like to make a referral or have any questions.


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